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Advancing Life Learners is a place where autistic voices are heard and abilities are celebrated. We are an autistic learning center that understands greater needs that include grade level academics. A.L.L. is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have been neglected in traditional school settings. We kindly welcome school aged non speaking autistics, who have been surviving vs. thriving due to:

  • behaviors (we call this body dysregulation)

  • significant sensory needs 

  • being misunderstood 

  • lacking professional support for dynamic learning

  • supposed academic deficits

  • not meeting academic potentials

  • inadequate communication skill building (Soma®RPM, letter board spelling, typing, AAC) 

  • social appropriateness mentoring NOT compliance


A.L.L. provides opportunities for daily life learning in a setting unlike any other. Every individual is given daily opportunities to learn through hands on activities that motivate learning. A.L.L. teachers hold college degrees or are ESA credentialed with increased knowledge of how to encourage and support dynamic learners.  

We keep our numbers few in order to provide quality opportunities without increasing stress on clients or staff. Above all else, we presume competence in every client ensuring that all who spend time with us will THRIVE! 

Our Offerings

Advanced training and focus on how individuals demonstrate and communicate understanding by providing respectful, age appropriate, and multi-sensory learning opportunities.

Our Mission

We believe that every non to minimally speaking autistic is full of intelligence and never ending potential. We believe that when we presume competence, individuals discover greater abilities. We believe that each of our students deserves respect, to be taught, and engage in age appropriate activities that support overall needs and well being. 

Our Team

Becky Griffin

Owner and Founder

M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (Autism Emphasis)


Curriculum Writer 

Soma®RPM Level 2 Provider

ESA Provider

Becky is a passionate Arizona educator who holds a M.Ed. from Arizona State University. Her graduate emphasis is in Curriculum and Instruction (Applied Behavior Analysis / Autism). She is an Arizona native who has witnessed the evolution of education as a student, parent, and a 20+ year professional.

Becky's dedication to education has shifted actions over the years. She's learned that education looks different for every family, especially those with special circumstances or needs.

She's held numerous educational titles from Paraprofessional, Behavior Interventionist, to Special Education Teacher and Team Lead, which has provided her with a panoramic view of what Arizona students are getting and missing. Becky is also a Level 2 Soma®RPM provider trained by Soma herself. Becky has had a long time dream to create a center that provides opportunities for students to thrive. A.L.L. is truly a dream come true!

Ann Henninger
Parent Liaison & ESA Provider
Support Staff Leader
Communication Partner

Barbara Leavitt
Academic Facilitator & ESA Provider
Curriculum Advisor   
Communication Support
Gabi Martinoz
Academic Content Provider

Communication Partner

Lilly Roberts
Fine Motor Skill Director 
Communication Partner
Holly Griffin
Art Teacher & ESA Provider
Fine Motor Skill Supporter
Communication Partner

Rebecca Cattani
Academic Content Provider
Communication Partner
Gross Motor Supporter


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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