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Advancing Life Learners recognizes busy schedules with various therapies and treatments already in place. For these reasons, we do not enforce attendance and understand sleeping needs or scheduling conflicts on some days.

Based on parent responses, we only offer full day participation starting the

2023-24 learning year.



8:30 - 2:30


Full Day 10 Month Tuition = $28,500 - $32,00 (ESA or Private Pay)

Tuition price is determined by how much support a student requires.

For instance: toileting, body regulation, 1:1 support etc.

Private tutoring based on available times for $120 an hour (ESA or Private Pay)

Articles & Resources
​Educational Services

- Academics: ELA, Math, Science, History, Art


- Anxiety

- Learning Difficulties

- Executive Functioning

- One-on-One Academic Tutoring


​- Letterboard Spelling (Soma®RPM)

- Keyboard/Typing

- Augmentative Devices

- FC (special considerations)

- Self Advocacy 

Body Regulation Activities​

- Gross and Fine Motor Delays

- Developmental Delays
- Coordination & Balance 
- Attention & Concentration 

- Nuero-Music Therapy Techniques

Staff knowledge and understanding supported by

Suzanne Oliver 

MT-BC, NMT Fellow

Founder and Executive Director of

Neurological Music Therapy Services of Arizona

Life Skills​

- Cooking (coming back soon)

- Laundry (coming back soon)

- Housekeeping

- Basic Household Repairs

- Personal Hygiene

- First Aid

- Community Experiences (more to come)

Behavioral Services

- Low Arousal Approach

- Positive Behavior Intervention

- Family Support

- Coping & Adjustments (transitions)

- Anger Management

- Anxiety

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